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Gotham is finally here.

We’ve seen the posters, the ads and we think we know the world surrounding the city of Gotham. But try to put all those preconceptions on a shelf and dive into the world created by Bruno Hello (who is also the man who brought us The Mentalist).

On Gotham Season 1, we won’t be seeing Batman or Robin… at least in the form we know them. However, we will see a city that’s in despair, overun by crime and villains. And rookie Jim Gordon, played by Ben McKenzie, is making it his mission to clean up the area around him.

And we also happen to meet the people who eventually will become the Penguin and the Joker, along with new villains such as Jada Pinkett Smith’s Fish Mooney.

But, as McKenzie told me in a recent interview this series is not about Batman as much as it is about a journey that will include many things we don’t know about the Gotham from the DC Comics nor the many films in the Batman franchise.

McKenzie also talked about his thoughts in taking on a high profile after years on Southland, as well as the expectations he knows people have and how Jim Gordon’s personal life will be touched by the criminal world of Gordon’s work.

TV Fanatic: How long does it take for you to get a sense of who Jim Gordon is in the series now that you’ve been shooting for a while now?

Ben McKenzie: I’m starting to really understand the character better. I think you’re right and previously I would’ve said like, ‘Oh, no, no. You’ve got to understand him from the jump,” but you can’t. Initially, all you have is that pilot script and you have this really crazy system in pilot season with this nutty, nutty idea to create this incredibly pressurized environment where all these people have to come together for this one time and make this one show really fast in a stressful environment and if anything goes wrong the whole thing could fall apart.

Thank God it all worked out but now that we’ve gone to series and the pilot turned out, in my opinion, really strong it’s allowed me just to take the pressure off and just focus on what it really should be about, which is the words and the other actor or actors in the scene and just acting 101. Just old school as it should be with anything else and not get lost in the kind of, ‘oh, it’s a Batman show,’ which is stressful.

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“Gotham” star Benjamin McKenzie got a not-so-sweet treat on his birthday. The actor, who turned 36 on Friday, September 12, injured his head on the set of the upcoming drama series on his birthday.

McKenzie shared the news on Instagram, posting a picture of him with a bandage on his forehead. “Happy Birthday to me. Fight sequence gone awry. Don’t ram your head into concrete pillars kids. #gotham,” he wrote along with the pic. He additionally shared a photo which shows the wound before it was sewn up, captioning it, “Holy concrete wall, Batman! #gotham.”

He later updated his Instagram page with another photo featuring him gettting stitched up and informed fans that he’s going back to work on Monday. “Doc Sherman at New York-Presbyterian, you are a career saver. Thanks for stitching me up nice. Back to work Monday. #gotham,” he captioned the pic.